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There is always some degree of precision involved in conveying applications, no matter how simple. Even a basic transport conveyor moving items from point A to B involves numerous mechanical considerations. A keen eye is required for belt selection, installation, and monitoring to ensure peak performance is achieved and maintained.

Sometimes, though, absolute precision is required. There are applications where there is no room for error—every millimeter and millisecond counts. When exact positioning and timing is required, a high-precision timing belt is the natural choice. Habasit has invested deeply into its excellent line of HabaSYNC® products, offering many popular pitches with virtually endless customization so that you can order a pitch-perfect product for your unique needs.

In this edition of Highlights, we provide an overview of our Seamless and Grabber™ products, introduce our standard offering for HabaSYNC® Flex Belts, and share a unique success story where a customized timing belt satisfied a tricky application..


Jeremey McDonough
Product Specialist – Timing Belts
Wallace Chappell


Edition 01/2020

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