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Adaptability is a hallmark of humanity—for better and worse. Our ability to accommodate adversity is helpful in that we can change in some way in order to reduce the discomfort of an unfavorable circumstance. At times, these changes can be necessary for survival.

However, adaptability can sometimes hold us back. When we adapt to problems, we don’t solve them. Sometimes, we adapt so well that we stop recognizing that a problem exists. In the world of processing and production, it is not uncommon for companies to adapt to things like excessive scrap, product damage during conveying, belt breakages, long sanitation times, and more. These costly realities can unfortunately become “normal.”

In this edition of Highlights, we explore several stories where switching to Habasit belting boosted productivity and efficiency and reduced downtime and other costly challenges. We solve problems—from the urgent to the forgotten—to drive you to peak performance.

Wallace Chappell
Product Specialist - Modular
Wallace Chappell


Edition 03/2019

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