Superior radius belt strength ends stress-related breakages

Case study

Market-leading radius strength overcomes double-curve stresses for nearly $23k in savings.

A food producer experienced constant breakage of a metal belt as it conveyed small pieces of frozen dough due to the high stress of the offset conveyor, which curves one way, straightens out, and then curves in the opposite direction. Notoriously taxing, the offset conveyor proved too demanding for the metal belting, requiring regular repairs, replacements, and manual product handling.

To solve the constant belt damage, the food producer required a high-strength radius belt that could operate at a width over 40 inches and maintain product positioning through both curves of the offset conveyor. Habasit satisfied this requirement with the M2540, which is the market's strongest radius belt at 1" pitch. Further, the M2540 features a flat surface, which maintains level through curves, preserving precise product positioning.

Once installed, the M2540 proved strong enough to endure both curves of the offset conveyor while maintaining the positioning of the frozen dough pieces—an important requirement of production.

Overall, the food producer experienced several cost-saving benefits from the longer lasting plastic radius belt:

Through expertise and superior product quality, Habasit solved a problem that competitors seemed unwilling, and likely unable, to undertake.

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