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Though leading as the world’s foremost manufacturer and supplier of fabric conveyor belting, Habasit recognizes the helpful capabilities of plastic modular belting, and through dedication and engineering excellence, we have introduced numerous innovations that drive performance for our customers.

At Habasit, modular products are forged through a keen eye for design, resulting in clever module constructions, smoother corners, simpler rod systems, and an overall premium quality. Every angle and arch is crafted with reliability and performance in mind.

After all, “Quality you can trust” is a core value at Habasit.

In this edition of Highlights, we spotlight our plastic modular products. Specifically, we explore three Success Stories where plastic modular belts solved complex challenges and created meaningful savings. We hope stories like these encourage our customers to move ahead with us, side by side—just like our modules. Enjoy.

Wallace Chappell
Product Specialist - Modular
Wallace Chappell


Edition 01/2019

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