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Solving problems is a constant task for businesses today, especially for those in production. To keep up with today’s demands, nearly all processors navigate complex processes and manage high-output equipment. We at Habasit understand the importance of effective problem solving and have made it our mission to be the belting industry’s best solution provider – which we’ve captured in our slogan (Habasit – Solutions in Motion).

Many can say that Habasit solves the most problems by offering the industry’s widest selection of products and customization options. Powered by our Core Value of Continuous Improvement, Habasit has dedicated 70 years to developing our comprehensive capabilities, investing world-class engineering and great detail into the design of the products that our customers rely on to solve their problems and create value for their customers.

To highlight our capabilities and the problems they solve, we are building a library of case studies, which showcase our products, their capabilities and the quantifiable impact for our customers. In this edition of Highlights, we feature three case studies, which show a variety of products and applications. Our hope in sharing our industry expertise and application knowledge in the form of these powerful stories is to inspire our customers to overcome their own challenges.

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Pam Hill
Head of Marketing and Technical Services
Habasit America
Pam Hill


Edition 03/2018

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