A08's improved abrasion resistance overcomes belt lifetime limitations

Case study

Habasit's proprietary natural rubber blend improves belt life for over $27k in savings.

Continuous abrasive forces have proven to be a barrier in Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) applications, where an industry-standard solution has remained unsurpassed. However, a large snack producer desired results superior to the industry-standard belting solution, particularly in terms of belt lifetime, but without some innovation in design or material, the producer could not achieve its performance goals.

To solve the endurance limitations, the snack food producer required a food-approved VFFS belt with standard friction levels but also improved abrasion resistance. Habasit satisfied this requirement with its proprietary A08 natural rubber compound, which delivered enhanced abrasion resistance while maintaining the industry-standard coefficient of friction.

Once installed, the A08 natural rubber blend dramatically outperformed the industry-standard compound. Less belt replacements were required, which, when scaled up to over 60 machines, produced large savings in terms of both replacement belts and labor.

Overall, the snack food producer enjoyed several benefits from the standard-beating new material:

This new rubber compound is fabrication-friendly and reduces both dusting and gumming.

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