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Service—how we treat those whom we serve may be the most important consideration in business today. Service is not merely a transaction but rather a lasting relationship built on the satisfaction of meaningful needs.

Companies must be responsive, trustworthy, understanding, and all the things we might expect from our everyday relationships. That is, professional relationships now look a lot like personal relationships, and to serve customers as well as we can, this reality is unavoidable.

Ultimately, being customer-centric is a pursuit of deep empathy.

In this edition of Highlights, we honor the importance of service. First, we celebrate a great accomplishment by the Suwanee Plastic Modular department, who reduced standard lead times to three days through teamwork and process improvements. Then, as the new Head of Customer Care, I am pleased to share the progress and future ambitions of our service-oriented Customer Care teams. Following is a closer look at our new service center in Fresno, California, where the west coast Habasit­ team is already making an impact.

We fully intend for stories like these to be told regularly as we continue to champion the customer every day. We expect no shortage of innovation in our mission to maintain and strengthen our customer relationships in the years to come.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to our next opportunity to serve you.

Nick Cannon
Head of Customer Care,
Habasit America
Pam Hill


Edition 02/2018

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