Expertise in action

“Knowledge isn`t power until it is applied,” said the American writer, Dale Carnegie. This is a motto that is daily put into practice by Habasit`s global team of Application Engineers, a well-trained workforce equipped with both the knowledge and the know-how to meet each customer`s needs.

It is difficult to limit the scope of Application Engineers to just one department or another. They might start any given working day by brainstorming with R&D and end it working side by side with the Sales Team, always in close collaboration with customers.

When knowledge is applied

Habasit has a dizzying portfolio of products, and it can be helpful to have a guide, not only to determine the number and types of belts necessary for any given project, but also to assist with the details. What is the minimum pulley diameter of a specific belt? Which profile can be combined with this belt material? The answers are just a phone call or e-mail away. If a resolution to a problem cannot immediately be found, an on-site visit will often be scheduled.

The experts assist customers in their projects from the design phase to the final installation. No matter if it is a project for an entirely new production line or retrofitting a steel spiral conveyor with a plastic modular belt system, the Application Engineers are here to support. They also evaluate existing installations and give their recommendations for changing to the optimum belt type to make applications more efficient.

Global solutions for local results

Habasit has an international network of engineers who take every opportunity to exchange their expertise. Still, it is often what they don't know that keeps the job interesting. When a customer approaches Habasit with an idea for an application, it is the process of working together to devise, invent and discover that becomes the most rewarding part of the job.

Around the world, from different countries and cultures, it is this passion for innovation which makes any Habasit engineer stand out. (ST)

Sonja StrimitzerMarketing

Did you know that many of our Application Engineers share their belting knowledge in our expert blog? Find their do’s and don'ts, tips and tricks online:

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