Conveying stories

If the current issue of Highlights has found its way into your hands, it`s likely that you have had a thought or two about conveyor belts, but outside the industry, they are often not the first topic of conversation. One can begin to believe they are simply a specialized interest, a fixture we have come to expect in a factory but not part of our personal lives. Even for those of us who are aware of their value, we tend to forget just how much we rely on them each and every day.

The everyday element

From the moment you hear your alarm, to your first sip of coffee, to the egg you crack in the frying pan, to the tube of toothpaste you pull from the shelf, a conveyor belt is inevitably part of the manufacturing of your most routine products, big and small. Not only are they an invisible factor in what makes our daily world go round, but there are also many visible examples. Whether piling your groceries onto the check-out belt of the local supermarket, or burning off those same calories on a treadmill, conveyor belts have become an object we too easily take for granted. Even ATMs, those magic machines which convey money into our hands daily, use small belts to ensure safe delivery of each bank note to your wallet.

Have you come across a conveyor belt outside of a factory? Let us know where and for what purpose it was used – share your pictures and conveying stories with us (, to get a prize and read about them in one of our next issues.

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