An Interview with the new Head of Customer Care

Enjoying his first year as the newly installed Head of Customer Care, Nick Cannon believes the Habasit America Customer Care team is well on its way to offering a best-in-class Customer Experience. Bringing with him 16 years of varied professional experience—from warehousing, data analytics, IT support, order fulfillment, and more—Nick champions a customer-centric mentality and skill set well-suited to Habasit’s diligent pursuit of customer satisfaction. He senses the culture of collaboration and quality working at all levels of the department’s daily activities, noting especially the team’s creative problem solving and sincere appreciation for both internal and external relationships.

“I am proud to be a small part of the collaborative energy that this organization prides itself on. The strong culture here speaks volumes about our vision and goals.”

Collaboration is key to Nick’s leadership approach, one that emphasizes empathy, communication, and continual education, all in the service of team building and overall performance. Further, driving efficiencies serves as a critical means to improve collaboration and service levels and to stimulate future growth for the team.

Nick knows that future success is built on today’s foundation, which he plans to strengthen through automation, innovation, proactive communication, and product knowledge.

“The future of this department lies in automation and technology-driven processes that are built empathetically around the Customer Experience. We will work more toward a vision of making the order entry and quoting process as seamless as possible to reduce churn and increase optimization.”

While achievements will certainly populate the coming years, the Customer Care department has already experienced several notable successes in the months since Nick took the helm: a significant reduction in order and quote response time, the implementation of automated individual scorecards, the adoption of dedicated product knowledge resources and training, and the creation of departmental career progressions.

When not driving improvements in Customer Care, Nick enjoys time with his wife, young energetic son, friends and family, visiting restaurants, trying new activities, traveling, and of course, rooting for the local sports teams.

Suwanee Customer Care Team

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