Viva Habasit Rocua!

Two is better than one. This is the principle that Rocua International has been built on from the beginning. Founded by twin brothers in 1994, the company has maintained a steady rise in sales every single year since then. For over two decades, Victor and Gustavo Rodriguez have established a strong reputation across Mexico, and have recently partnered with Habasit to take new strides toward global success.

In 2016, Habasit AG and their long-time distribution customer, Rocua International, came together to form Habasit Rocua, a new business with a broader scope. “Viva Habasit, viva México, viva Habasit Rocua!” said Habasit CEO, Andrea Volpi, in his opening speech at the headquarters in Guadalajara on March 9th, 2017. Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Volpi welcomed the Habasit Rocua employees and spoke of the future with glowing and justified enthusiasm.

Building on the already existing strengths of both companies, Habasit Rocua has arrived on the scene as the number one supplier of belting products in the country, with headquarters in Guadalajara as well as nine other facilities across Mexico. Local and multi-national clients will now be privy to international support, expertise and assistance with any belting application.

Doubling up on success

The creation of Habasit Rocua has been a natural merging of two companies’ overlapping values. Rocua is a name based on the brothers’ strong alliance: “Ro” for Rodriguez, and “Cua” for “twins” in Spanish slang. Habasit is also a business built on family ties, the “Ha” in the name standing for Habegger, the name of the founders. Both companies understand the strength that can be found in a well-chosen partnership, such as the recent joint venture of Habasit Rocua.

Habasit deeply values the brothers’ local expertise and the long-term relationships they have built with customers over the years. Although they have a very strong presence in the food industry, Rocua has also been an established provider in the packaging, textile and materials handling industries among others. With good proximity to every corner of the country, they have been able to provide fast and reliable service with an extensive inventory. Habasit Rocua is also able to offer faster delivery of customized plastic modular belts by assembling all orders in Guadalajara – an approach that is not used by other top manufacturers in the region.

Through the recent partnership with Habasit, the company’s scope will now go beyond Mexico to also service the countries of Central America, including Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize. The growing benefits of the company will be felt by customers at both a local and global level. As Habasit Rocua knows from experience, two is better than one is not just a cliché; it is the foundation of success. (ST)

Tim WaldnerGeneral Manager,
Habasit North America

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