A lot can happen on a conveyor belt. They are used to create anything from tires to diapers to pancakes, such as when engineers spent over 200 hours to construct a machine that could form a perfectly round pancake with the help of two conveyor belts, a few sets of robotic arms and a cooperative chicken to provide an egg.

Perhaps some processes are more practical than others, but it is important that the quality of a product never suffers from the limitations of a belt. This keeps Habasit engineers busy experimenting in the laboratory and on field tests, not usually with live chickens or pancakes, but with products of every size, weight, height and width you can imagine in order to create the perfect fit.

Broadening the Production Possibilities
Habasit has recently extended the width of two of the company’s most popular product ranges, a development made possible by new large-scale tailor-made machinery. The expansion of HabaSYNC® timing belts and Habasit Cleandrive™ are timely innovations for a market such as tires, which are always increasing in size, as well as for manufacturers in almost every industry who seek to produce more products in a shorter time.

The portfolio of HabaSYNC® timing belts has now been expanded up to 609 mm / 24” wide belts. The abrasion- and chemical-resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) remain the same, but the belt is now available for the smooth transportation of a broader selection of products. Timing belts offer precision in every step of production and are a trusted component in the process industries of personal hygiene, tires and end-of-the-line food packaging.

After intensive project management, Habasit engineers are also excited to introduce the expansion of Habasit Cleandrive™. This Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) belt is available in production width of 609 mm / 24” width and will be increased to 1830 mm / 72”. The belt has been the top choice for the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the food industry for its hygienic consistency and long-lasting durability.

Habasit has successfully eliminated sink marks from the surface for optimum scraper efficiency and has reinforced the belt with thermal resistant aramid cords, which are also used in aerospace and military applications. Even with its remarkable strength and resistance, the smooth hygienic surface remains ideal for our customers’ most delicate products and precise applications.

Habasit engineers may not have time to perfect pancakes in the laboratory, but they are working tirelessly to push the limits of possibility for every product. With these latest innovations, those possibilities just got a little wider, and who doesn’t secretly want a bigger pancake? (ST)

Ivan FuruyaProduct Manager
Heiko LangEuropean Business Development HabaSYNC®

Habasit goes wide

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