Dear reader,

On behalf of Habasit North America, I am proud to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Highlights. This magazine will be published three times a year and will present a mix of local and international content. We hope you will share this magazine with family and friends. Please give us your feedback on subjects you would like to read about in future editions. We want this publication to meet your needs for information about us. Highlights is also available online at

We are in the process of taking a hard look at our value proposition, especially service and consistency from our customers’ viewpoint. This process of self-reflection is inspiring improvements that are gaining traction and can be measured to guide future improvements. The main ingredient to better performance is the attitude we all bring to work at Habasit each day. We are challenging ourselves to always put the customer first and foremost. Urgent customer needs are wonderful opportunities to demonstrate our caring attitude and our world-class skills and resources.

Please look for these pages in future editions of Highlights to gain more insight into the direction we are taking Habasit North America. I think you will enjoy the journey we have embarked on – service, service, service!

Thank you for your continued support and trust,

Chris Nigon
Interim General Manager
Chris Nigon


Edition 1/2016

Highlights is published three times a year s published three times a year in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Dutch and Chinese.

Circulation: 20,000

Publisher: Habasit America LLC, 805 Satellite Blvd NW Suwanee, GA 30024,

Responsible for the content: Philippe Imhof, Sonja Strimitzer, Inken Budecker, Susan Dijkhuizen, Paulina Zagórska

Editor-in-chief: Sonja Strimitzer

Co-editor: Ryan Ensor

Editorial team: Jeroen van der Bijl (JB), Shelby Stuart (ST), Clara Wimmer (CW)

Translation service: Justyna Ziębka


Design and lithography: IKROPKA

Reprinting these articles (texts & illustrations) or excerpts thereof requires the expressed written permission of the publisher.

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