Habasit has now made its way into international opera houses. For the opera "Tri Sestri" by Péter Eötvös at the Vienna State Opera, the Non Slip M2623 modular belt has found a completely new purpose.

The opera hall is darkened. The scenery is somber colors. The stage is illuminated by muted light. Two performers sing a melancholy song. Between them are trees – tall, thin birches move past on three tracks. The singers stand as in a sparse forest; only the scenery is moving. The trees move slowly past.

Always in motion
For "Tri Sestri", the Vienna State Opera wanted a very special production. The stage was always to be in motion. In line with the opera, they wanted to integrate repetitive elements – a conveyor belt was to repeatedly bring objects and performers into the picture. The plastic modular belts from Habasit were perfect for this. The creative minds looked for a reliable partner with high-quality products and individual consultation, which they found at Habasit.

The light shines on a performer. The floor around him is illuminated. The otherwise monotonous, gray floor suddenly shows a structure. Small elevations become visible. The entire stage has been laid with the non-slip modular belt. The most important feature was that the belt had to be gray as it blends perfectly with the scenery.

A view into the unknown
The entire stage floor was covered with the belt material even though only three individual tracks were in motion. This was precisely the greatest challenge for the Habasit team. In the case of industrial applications, the conditions and expectations are defined in detail. Regardless of whether in the packaging industry or in the production of baked goods, the specific requirements of the belt are well known already from experience.

For this Regardlesson, the Habasit team carefully approached the project and found the right material in the Non Slip M2623 modular belt. It is slip-resistant and antistatic; in other words, people can even walk barefoot on it. When the modular belt is not laid on the stage floor of the Vienna State Opera, it is a preferred material for the automotive industry.

The leading role of Habasit
Men in a light gray officer's uniform march in step on the moving belts. They wear black, knee-high boots. The floor shakes slightly with each step.

With the production of "Tri Sestri", Habasit has entered a previously unknown area. Artistic aspects had to be realized in a technical product. The opera consists of three sections that tell the story from different perspectives. Some parts of the story recur. The interaction of art and technology take the stage. The modular belts play a central role in the stage design by transporting objects and performers onto the set.

With the staging of this opera, Habasit has seized the chance to show a new facet. The interplay of technology and creativity was successful. When the curtain fell for the production of "Tri Sestri" in Vienna for the last time, an encore was already waiting. In autumn 2016, the operetta "Axel an der Himmelstür" will celebrate its premiere at the Vienna Volksoper, and it will once more "clear the stage" for Habasit. (CW)

Here you can get an impression of what the Habasit conveyor belts looked like at the Vienna State Opera.

Péter Eötvös: TRI SESTRI | Wiener Staatsoper

Premiere am 6. März 2016 in der Wiener Staatsoper, Péter Eötvös | Dirigent Ensemble (im Orchestergraben) Jonathan Stockhammer | Dirigent Orchester (auf der Bühne) Yuval Sharon | Regie Esther Bialas | Ausstattung Jason H. Thompson | Licht und Video

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