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Last May Habasit hosted an unprecedented internal training event. It brought together the entire sales and marketing staff who came to learn more about the extension of the product range – HabaSYNC® timing belts in widths up to 609 mm / 24“ and Habasit Cleandrive™ expanding to 1830 mm / 72”.

The event took place in two primary locations: Reinach, Switzerland and Eppertshausen, Germany. Nearly 200 participants had the chance to tour both factories as well as to attend lectures on the most recent advances in belting from on-site staff.

A personal investment
Account manager Joris Reukers came from the Netherlands and was impressed by what he saw. He felt that the event was a good reflection of the values he has seen represented in the company.

“It is a family run company”, he explains, “and you can feel that.” Reukers was encouraged by the company’s initiative to fund and organize an event which brought together staff from all over the world, not only to offer training, but also to provide opportunities for personal connection.

Behind the scenes of production
Employees also enjoyed an in-depth and up-close look at the processes behind the products they sell every day. On each factory tour, participants were guided through a complex yet carefully organized system of production as they were led beneath towering shelves where, stacked in colorful coils, kilometers of belting material were stored.

The local engineers were skilled tour guides as they introduced each machine with the intimacy of an old friend. Curious attendees were encouraged to feel the different textures of the materials used and were able to handle a wide variety of sample products.

When the event came to an end, participants were dispersed once more across the world. Although international communication would again often be confined to e-mails and phone calls, participants now shared an experience of the company which not only deepened their understanding of the product but also strengthened the ties that would carry that knowledge forward. (ST)

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